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Modern Musings: European Works on Paper from the Collection

21 November 2015 - 27 March 2016

Mint Museum Uptown 

at Levine Center for the Arts



The Mint Museum possesses a collection of more than 1,000 works on paper created by artists working in Europe.  The collection includes prints, drawings, watercolors, and pastels.  This selection of objects features highlights from that collection, focusing on works of art made between roughly, 1850 and 1950.  During this period, European art underwent a series of dramatic changes as artists shifted their focus from an emphasis on naturalism and academic techniques to works characterized by a more subjective response to the natural world.  This change resulted in paintings and drawings that range from highly expressive to almost abstract.  


Works on paper often demonstrate a refreshing sense of freedom, as artists frequently use these media for sketching and experimentation.  Because of their sensitivity to light, many of these objects are not frequently on view.  This installation provides a rare opportunity to see approximately 40 of them simultaneously.   


Artists in the Exhibition


Felix Saturnin Brissot de Warville.  French.  (1818-1892)


Gabriel Carelli.  Italian.  (1821-1900)


Giorgio de Chirico.  Italian.  (1888-1978)

Giorgio de Chirico – Argonaut of the soul from lagdaris george on Vimeo.


André Derain.  French.  (1880-1954)


Kees van Dongen.  Dutch.  (1877-1968)


Kate Greenaway.  British.  (1846-1901) 


Armand Guillaumin.  French.  (1841-1927)


Augustus John.  British.  (1878-1961)


Max Klinger.  German.  (1857-1920)


Käthe Kollwitz.  German.(1867-1945)


Albert Marquet.  French.  (1875-1947)


Amedeo Modigliani.  Italian.  (1884-1920)

  • brief biography with artworks in the collection online from Guggenheim Museum 


Giorgio Morandi.  Italian.  (1890-1964)


Edvard Munch.  Norwegian.  (1857-1920)

Mihaly Munkacsy.  Hungarian.  (1844-1900)


Camille Jacob Pissaro.  French.  (1830-1903)


Henri Rivière.  French.  (1864-1951)


Graham Vivian Sutherland.  British.  (1903-1980)


Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.  French.  (1864-1901)


Edouard Vuillard.  French.  (1868-1940)


John Buckland Wright.  British.  (1897-1954)




Created by Dawn M. Holmes, intern

Edited by Joyce Weaver