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Sociales: Débora Arango Arrives Today

23 February - 16 June 2013

Mint Museum Uptown

at Levine Center for the Arts 



Débora Arango (Colombia, 1907-2005)

Justicia / Justice, ca. 1944

Oil on canvas

Collection of Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín, Colombia

Photo: Carlos Tobón

This special exhibition chronicles the work of Colombian-born painter Débora Arango, who died in 2005 at the age of 98, and who was one of the pioneers of modern Colombian art. Although her work is now considered a “cultural benefit of national interest,” she had to fight against the political conservative elite’s negligence and prejudice throughout her life. The political and social context of her paintings, about the non-official civil war of the 1940s and 1950s, the so-called época de La Violencia (1946-1963), was extremely controversial for its time as she presented any political event in Latin American as sociales (society columns). 

Sociales: Débora Arango Arrives Today is made possible through the generous support from Polymer Group Inc. The exhibition is organized by Museo de Arte de Medellín, Colombia, and Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, California 


Online Resources on Arango 

  • Detailed information on "Sociales: Débora Arango llega hoy" from Museo Nacional de Colombia 
  • Video interview (this link is no longer available) with Arango days before her death on YouTube
  • Artist's obituary from New York Times
  • Timeline of Arango's life may be viewed in the exhibition or downloaded here 
  • Profile on Arango from Notable Twentieth-Century Latin American Women: A Biographical Dictionary by Cynthia Tompkins and David William Foster on Google Books 
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  • Article on Arango's exhibitions in Bogota and the United States (this link is no longer available) (in Spanish) from Fox News Latino 
  • Profile of Arango and her work from Art & Artists from Colombia  
  • Information on the exhibition (this link is no longer available)  from MOLAA Museum Magazine 
  • Biography of artist's life (in Spanish) from Biografias y Vidas or (in English) from Latin Art (this link is no longer available).  




Created by Nicole Jacobson, volunteer for The Mint Museum Library