American Ceramics, 1875-1925


Mint Museum Randolph

Dalton Gallery 


The decades surrounding 1900 were an exciting time in American ceramics as craftsmen and designers competed for their own share of the luxury goods market as well as for favorable critical reviews at international expositions held regularly during this time period.  American manufactories, determined to make products that rivaled those of their more established European and Asian counterparts, exhibited tremendous artistic creativity and introduced many technological innovations.  Many companies hired skilled artisans and craftsmen to improve the quality of their wares and create prototypically American works.  This exhibition showcases over 35 American ceramics from The Mint Museum's permanent collection, highlighting the remarkable work of American craftsmen and designers at the turn of the 20th century. 


Featured Groups and Manufactories


Ceramic Art Company


Chelsea Keramic Art Works


Jervis Pottery



Newcomb Pottery



Ott and Brewer


Rookwood Pottery 


Roseville Pottery 


Teco (Gates Potteries)


Union Porcelain Works


Weller Pottery


Willets Manufacturing Company



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