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Surrealism and Beyond

11 February - 13 May 2012

Mint Museum Uptown at Levine Center for the Arts 


Surrealism and Beyond brings together three groundbreaking exhibitions and comprises the largest and most significant examination of Surrealism and Surrealist-inspired art ever presented in the Southeast. 


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Double Solitaire: The Surreal Worlds of Kay Sage and Yves Tanguy,will be the first exhibition of Surrealist art for The Mint Museum, as well as the first major exhibition of Surrealism in this region. This exhibit of approximately seventy paintings reveals the fascinating story of Yves Tanguy and Kay Sage's relationship and depicts the connections between their works. Visitors will be able to see the impact that each artist had upon the other as they continued to explore and develop their own art. While many of the paintings in the exhibition are drawn from public collections, a number of privately-held works will also be included - some of which the artists dedicated to each other. 











Seeing the World Within: Charles Seliger in the 1940s is the first exhibition composed of paintings from the first decade of Seliger's career from both public and private collections. It traces his evolution as an artist and explores the means by which he arrived at his own style in the early 1950s. Heavily influenced by the Surrealists' exploration of the subconscious, American artists in and around New York at the end of the Second World War were seeking an alternative to the stylized realism and the rigid geometric canvases produced by the American Abstract Artists group and its followers. 





Gordon Onslow Ford: Voyager and Visionary is the first retrospective of this British-American Surrealist painter’s work organized by an American museum in more than thirty years. Featuring more than two dozen paintings by the artist, it is drawn entirely from his family’s collection. Because of Onslow Ford’s close relationship with his family, the exhibition will offer visitors a look at the full range of his career, from early, more traditional canvases from the 1920s and 1930s, to his first experiments with Surrealism in the late 1930s and 1940s, to his dazzling paintings from the 1950s forward which took a more cosmic, symbolic approach to abstraction.  The Mint Museum is the exclusive venue for this exhibition.  Featuring a selection of ephemera drawn from the family’s holdings, Gordon Onslow Ford: Voyager and Visionary will be accompanied by a brochure containing an essay about the artist and his work.







Surrealist Sundays Film Series


February 12, 2012

Un Chien Andalou

Please join us for a lecture on Surrealism & Beyond and the viewing of Un Chien Andalou (The Andalouisan Dog) by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí (1929).  This film is regarded as the first produced purely from within the Surrealist Movement, and a landmark in the history of cinema.

Location: Mint Museum Uptown

Time: 2:00 - 4:30 pm




March 11, 2012

Le Sang d'un Poète

Please join us for a lecture on Surrealist Poetry and the viewing of Jean Cocteau's groundbreaking first film, The Blood of a Poet (1930) - an exploration of the plight of the artist, the power of metaphor, and the relationship between art and dreams.

Location: Mint Museum Uptown

Time: 2:00 - 4:30 pm



April 22, 2012


Please join us for a lecture on The Surrealist Muse and the viewing of Jean Cocteau's Orpheus (1950).  Cocteau's update of the Orphic Myth depicts Orpheus, a famous poet scorned by the Left Bank youth, and his love for both his wife Eurydice and the mysterious princess.

Location: Mint Museum Uptown

Time: 2:00 - 4:30 pm



Selected Titles in the Exhibition Resource Center


Selected Online Resources on Surrealism


Selected Print Resources Available from The Mint Museum Library





Created by Joyce Weaver, Librarian, and Nicole Jacobson, Intern to Mint Museum Library