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Celebrating Queen Charlotte's Coronation

6 August 2011 - 28 October 2012

Mint Museum Randolph


Queen Charlotte by Allan Ramsay,circa 1762


Oil on Canvas


To celebrate the 250th anniversary of Queen Charlotte's coronation, The Mint Museum will exhibit works of art that depict her or that help illustrate her accomplishments as queen.  Queen Charlotte's coronation took place on the 22 of September 1761, and the exhibition will open 10 September 2011, in the Alexander Gallery of Mint Museum Randolph.  Approximately 30 works will be on display including ceramics, silver, works on paper and paintings.  The majority of the objects are from The Mint Museum's permanent collection and will be grouped according to two themes: Charlotte as Queen and Mother, and Queen Charlotte as patron of the arts. 


Selected Artists in the Exhibition

  • Allan Ramsay became the painter to the King when George III ascended to the throne in 1761.
  • Sir Joshua Reynolds was the first President of the Royal Academy of Arts which was established by King George.  Reynolds became painter to the King when Allan Ramsay died in 1784.
  • Thomas Frye's portaits of King George III and Queen Charlotte became popular in the early years of their reign.
  • Francis Cotes was a founder of the Royal Academy of Arts and painted one of King George's favorite images of Queen Charlotte and their son George IV.
  • Sir William Beechey was named Portrait Painter to Queen Charlotte and the royal family in 1793.
  • Benjamin West painted approximately sixty pictures for King George III between 1768 and 1801 and gave drawing lessons to the King and Queen's daughters.
  • John Singleton Copley was an American artist who moved to London in the late eighteenth century.  Copley painted many portraits of the children of King George III and Queen Charlotte.


Coronation Celebrations Elsewhere

  • The Charlotte International Cabinet and the Neubrandenburger Philharmonie collaborate for the international music festival ChorFreude, on the German Baltic Coast.
  • Kew Palace, the home of Queen Charlotte and husband King George III, will be displaying a unique collection of rarely seen personal items of the King and Queen.
  • Schloss Insel Mirow, the home where Queen Charlotte was born, is celebrating the anniversary of Charlotte's coronation with events throughout the year.  Mirow is located in the northern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which has named 2011 the Year of Queen Charlotte and has additional events planned.




The Mint Museum of Art commissioned artist Ken Aptekar to create a contemporary interpretation of its portrait of Queen Charlotte by Allan Ramsay for the opening of the Mint Museum Uptown. 


     Listen to Ken Aptekar discuss Charlotte's Charlotte on The Mint Museum's Cell Phone Audio Tour. 

Dial (704) 719-2598, then press 12 followed by the # sign.




Created by Megan Westmoreland.  Intern for The Mint Museum Library.