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New Visions: Contemporary Masterworks from the Bank of America Collection

New Visions: Contemporary Masterworks

from the Bank of America Collection 

October 1, 2010 - April 17, 2011 

Opening Exhibition: Mint Museum Uptown 
Ruscha, Clock Speed 

Edward Ruscha. American, 1937-

Clock Speed  1986

Oil and enamel on canvas, 85 ½ x 61 ½ in. framed, 84 x 60 in.

Bank of America Collection.


Curated by The Mint Museum, this special exhibition includes approximately 80 masterworks from one of the world's finest corporate art collections, the Bank of America Collection.  The selected works display the variety of philosophies, approaches and movements that have characterized the art world from the 1940s into the 21st century.  Drawing from the strengths of Bank of America's postwar holdings, the exhibition includes work by Milton Avery, John Chamberlain, Chuck Close, Helen Frankenthaler, Sam Gilliam, Jasper Johns, Louise Nevelson, Joan Mitchell, Ed Ruscha and Frank Stella among many others.  These masters of contemporary art define well-known styles and movements such as Color Field and Abstract ExpressionismPop Art, and Minimalism.


The Mint Museum Uptown Cell Phone Audio Tour is availabe for this exhibition.  Dial in to listen to Mint Museum staff, volunteers, community leaders, and the artists themselves in a self-paced audio tour.

  • Look for the cell phone sybmol.
  • Dial (704) 719-2598.
  • Enter the artwork number followed by the # sign.


An introduction to New Visions: Contemporary Masterworks from the Bank of America Collection is available from the Cell Phone Audio Tour.  Just dial (704) 719-2598 then press 59 followed by the # sign.



Selected Resources for Featured Artists - Online and in the Library


Peter Alexander 

  • Peter Alexander's official website features a large online gallery of his work, an exhibition list, and an extensive bibliography for further reading. 
  • Interview from the Smithsonian Archives of American Art. 


Charles Arnoldi 


Milton Avery 

  • Milton Avery on artnet Many examples of his work and chronology of his life can be found here.
  • Avery's biography courtesy of Hollis Taggart Galleries.
  • NPR audio "Discovering Milton Avery." Susan Stamberg reports on an exhibit celebrating the friendship between Avery and violinist Louis Kaufman.
  • New York Times art review of Avery's exhibition at the Neuberger Museum of Art. 
  • View the Milton Avery Papers, scanned for the Smithsonian Archives of American Art website. The papers date from 1926 to 1982.


Jennifer Bartlett

  • BOMB Magazine's interview conducted by Elizabeth Murray (another artist in the New Visions exhibition), in which Bartlett speaks about her life and art.
  • Jennifer Bartlett: Paintings and Works on Paper Gives some background about the artist and discusses some of her works. 
  • Clip from L&S Video's "Women in their Studios" which features Jennifer Bartlett and Jackie Winsor. 


Lynda Benglis

photo courtesy of Toomey Tourell Fine Art (2001)


Fletcher Benton


Elmer Bischoff


Joan Brown


Roger Brown


Deborah Butterfield

  • Her artist page from Greg Kucera Gallery provides a history, reviews and images of her sculptures.
  • Butterfield explains the philosophy behind her sculptures of prone horses in this video.
  • review of Butterfield's horses. 

     Cell Phone Audio Tour (704) 719-2598.  Artwork number 62 followed by the # sign. 


Vija Celmins

  • Art:21 on PBS View slideshows, watch interviews, access the Educator's Guide and lesson plans, and read Celmins's biography from the award-winning series. Art:21 books and dvds are also available from The Mint Museum library.
  • SFMOMA's About the Artist: Vija Celmins presents select works, a brief biography and video interviews.


John Chamberlain

  • The Galerie Leu website has a biography, exhibitions list, selected works, and bibliography for Chamberlain.
  • Plum TV: The Artist's Studio video 
  • Chamberlain was the 1993 recipient of the ISC Lifetime Achievement award


Chuck Close

photo of Chuck Close by Adam Amengual 


Charles Clough 

  • The artist's webpage contains his biography and an exhibition list.
  • The Castellani Art Museum presents Artwork of the 80's: Charles Clough 
  • Review of the 1998 exhibition "More is Never Enough" at Tricia Collins Contemporary Art, with some examples of Clough's work.


Roy de Forest 

  • The John Natsoulas Center for the Arts presents a brief biography and examples of de Forest's work.
  • Interactive feature from SFMOMA based on de Forest's painting Country Dog Gentlemen, in which the characters introduce you to famous works in SFMOMA's collection. 
  • Archives of American Art transcript of an interview conducted by Lynn Robert Matteson.


Richard Diebenkorn

  • Richard Diebenkorn Catalogue Raisonne "The estate-authorized project to create a complete catalogue of Diebenkorn's paintings and works on paper."
  • Part of SFMOMA's "Voices and Images of California Art," this video segment is devoted to Diebenkorn's life and work.
  • Oral History Interview from the Smithsonian Archives of American Art conducted by Susan Larsen, in which Diebenkorn talks about his early life, introduction to modernism, the formation of the Bay Area figurative school, and his work. 
  • Richard Diebenkorn: Paintings and Drawings, 1943-1976. Buffalo, New York: Albright-Knox Art Gallery, 1976.


Jim Dine


Eric Fischl

  • Eric Fischl's website features a biography, exhibition list, and a retrospective collection of his work.
  • An essay from Robert Hughes' Nothing if Not Critical accessed from Artchive.
  • Novelist A.M. Homes interviewed Fischl for this BOMBLive! video from "The Figure in Narrative" series. 
  • In the Studio: Eric Fischl Take a look at some of Fischl's paintings and sculptures in this slideshow. Drawings for the sculpture Tumbling Woman are in The Mint Museum collection.  
  • Fischl. New York: Vintage Books, 1987.


Janet Fish

  • Artist website including a brief biography, small gallery, and links. 
  • Artist profile from Nancy Doyle Fine Art, with embedded links to select works. 
  • Partial transcript of an interview with Janet Fish, from Art Interview Online Magazine.
  • Berlind, Robert. Janet Fish. New York: DC Moore Gallery, 2005. 


Sam Francis


Helen Frankenthaler

photo of Helen Frankenthaler by Ernst Haas (1969)

  • Video portrait by John Feldman commissioned by Purchase College School of the Arts for the 2008 Nelson A. Rockerfeller Awards.
  • National Museum of Women in the Arts profile for Frankenthaler. 
  • Frankenthaler's biography and works on The Art Story. 
  • Helen Frankenthaler on artnet Chronology of her life and exhibitions with over a hundred images.
  • Ms. Frankenthaler passed away December 22, 2011. NPR's Morning Edition had this to say about the artist and her work:



Sam Gilliam

  • Transcript of an extensive interview from the Smithsonian Archives of American Art website.
  • Gilliam's biography and some images on KET. 
  • Sam Gilliam 6-part interview from 2004. 
  • Sam Gilliam on artnet Brief biography, exhibition list, and images. 
  • Binstock, Jonathan P. Sam Gilliam: A Retrospective. Berkeley: University of California Press; Washington, DC: Corcoran Gallery of Art, 2005.

     Cell Phone Audio Tour (704) 719-2598.  Artwork number 61 followed by the # sign. 


Morris Graves 


Todd Hido

  • Todd Hido's official website has an online gallery of his photographs, a list of publications on the artist, as well as exhibitions, collections, and bibliography.

  • A Conversation with Todd Hido In this interview, the artist talks about his process and subject matter.

  • Art of Darkness A feature article for East Bay Express that delves into the artist's nighttime photos.


Valerie Jaudon 


Ellsworth Kelly

  • SFMOMA's About the Artist page, with several examples of Kelly's artworks.
  • Biography and selected images from the Museum of Modern Art. 
  • Ellsworth Kelly on The Art Story
  • 2008 video interview in honor of Kelly's 85th birthday, from VernissageTV. 


Roy Lichtenstein


Robert Longo

photo of Robert Longo by Todd Selby (2009)


Sylvia Plimack Mangold


Sally Mann


Joan Mitchell 

  • Joan Mitchell Foundation celebrates Mitchell's legacy by annually awarding grants to artists and arts organizations.
  • Joan Mitchell on The Art Story. 
  • A 1986 interview from the Archives of American Art conducted by Linda Nochlin. Includes additional annotations from Joan Mitchell.
  • Bernstock, Judith E. Joan Mitchell. New York: Hudson Hills Press in association with the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, 1988.

      Cell Phone Audio Tour (704) 719-2598.  Artwork number 60 followed by the # sign. 


Elizabeth Murray


photo courtesy of Los Angeles and MoMA


Louise Nevelson


Jules Olitski


Deborah Oropallo

  • Deborah Oropallo's website provides a slideshow of her latest work.
  • Biography and selected artworks from the Stephen Wirtz Gallery in San Francisco. 
  • In An Interview with Deborah Oropallo by Jordan Essoe, the artist discusses the controversy surrounding her work. 
  • An essay about Oropallo's photo-based prints from the brochure accompanying her 2007 exhibition at the De Young Fine Art Museum in San Francisco.


Ed Paschke

  • Official Website of Ed Paschke From the Ed Paschke Foundation, this site offers an extensive collection of resources on the artist including articles, interviews, and a wide range of his work.
  • Recent exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery curated by Jeff Koons. A complete press release can be downloaded.


Judy Pfaff

  • Artist's website includes installation photos, sculpture, drawings, bio, and links to articles. 
  • Interview with the artist from Works & Conversations online journal. 
  • In the Studio: Judy Pfaff A video from artbabble.org. 
  • A PDF article by Susan Tallman for Arts Magazine discussing Pfaff's woodcuts.  
  • Sandler, Irving. Judy PfaffNew York: Hudson Hills Press, in association with Elvehjem Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2003.


Joseph Raffael

  • Raffael's website with biography, portfolio, interviews, and a glimpse into the artist's studio.
  • Video clip of Raffael at work. The clip is only one of many that can be found on the artist's website.
  • An Autobiographical Chronology courtesy of the Nancy Hoffman Gallery. 
  • Joseph Raffael. New York, NY: Nancy Hoffman Gallery, 2007.


Robert Rauschenberg 


Gerhard Richter

  • Official website with art, videos, and a biography. 
  • Review of Richter's retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in 2002 by art critic Jerry Saltz. 
  • Essay from MAP Magazine. 
  • A good preview of the book Gerhard Richter: Forty Years of Painting, which includes many images of his work, is available from Google Books. 


James Rosenquist

photo of James Rosenquist by Suzanne Plunkett (2006) 


Susan Rothenberg

  • Susan Rothenberg on the Sperone Westwater website with over 200 examples of her paintings, a biography, and additional links.
  • Rothenberg on PBS's Art:21 has biographic information and video clips. She was featured in the 3rd season of this acclaimed series.
  • Artbabble.org's video shows Rothenberg in her studio.  
  • Susan Rothenberg: Drawings and Prints. Ithaca, NY: Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, 1998.


Edward Ruscha

  • The official website of the Edward Ruscha Catalogue Raisonne of Paintings includes biographical information as well as a large database of his work dating back to 1958
  • Watch Ed Ruscha talk with fashion designer Stella McCartney on the Sundance Channels Iconoclasts series which returns this fall.
  • X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly's review of the Whitney Museum of American Art exhibition Ed Ruscha and Photography. 
  • Ed Ruscha: Painting Words This online interactive feature from SFMOMA includes several videos.
  • I Don't Want No Retro Spective: The Works of Edward RuschaNew York: Hudson Hills Press in association with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1982.

     Cell Phone Audio Tour (704) 719-2598.  Artwork number 64 followed by the # sign. 


Sean Scully

  • Sean Scully on the Kerlin Gallery website includes images and a biography. 
  • Review of the exhibition Sean Scully: Windows, Walls, Horizons. 
  • Rifkin, Ned. Sean Scully: Twenty Years, 1976-1995. New York, NY: Thames and Hudson; Atlanta, GA: High Museum of Art, 1995.


George Segal


Miriam Schapiro


Peter Shelton


Cindy Sherman

     Cell Phone Audio Tour (704) 719-2598.  Artwork number 63 followed by the # sign. 


Pat Steir

  • Cheim & Read's artist page for Pat Steir includes a gallery of work and biographical information.
  • In this video Steir talks about conceptual art and her work.
  • Steir's profile can be found on the National Museum of Women in the Arts' CLARA database. 
  • Check out Steir's latest commission for the Whitney Museum of American Art. 
  • Pat Steir Paintings. New York: Abrams, 1986. 


Frank Stella 

  • video from SFMOMA: Stella on why he makes abstract art. 
  • Frank Stella's New York Studio A slideshow of photos taken inside the artist's studio from Wall Street Journal Magazine.
  • Frank Stella biography and resources from The Art Story
  • ARTINFO interview by William Hanley about Stella's move from paintings to three-dimensional work.
  • Frank Stella's artist page and artwork at the MoMA.
  • Rubin, William Stanley. Frank Stella. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1970. 


Wayne Thiebaud

photo of Wayne Thiebaud by Matt Bult (1990) 


Mark Tobey

  • The Committee MARK TOBEY (CMT) is dedicated to archiving, cataloguing and exhibiting Mark Tobey's art. Their website includes a lengthy biography and numerous quotes by the artist.
  • Mark Tobey at the Hachmeister Gallery With images by the artist and a printed resource section.
  • Mark Tobey artwork presented by Foster/White Gallery. 
  • Mark Tobey A film clip by Robert Gardner that attempts to show how Tobey looked at the world. 


Richard Tuttle


James Weeks


Terry Winters

  • The Matthew Marks Gallery presents images of works and installation views of the Terry Winters: Drawings exhibition. 
  • Past exhibition page from the Met. View relief prints, etchings, and lithographs from this exhibition.
  • Artist page from the Matthew Marks Gallery, with biography and selected works. A list of articles can be downloaded.
  • Video interview with Winters for Tate Modern. Also view his artworks in the Tate Collection.
  • Shiff, Richard. Terry Winters: Paintings, Drawings, Prints. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press in association with the Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy, 2004. 


Paul Wonner

  • Paul Wonner's artist page from the John Berggruen Gallery, including bio, nine images from the gallery, and selected press in PDF format.  
  • Artist overview and links to past exhibitions at the Hackett-Freedman Gallery. 
  • Paul Wonner on artnet Images and a chronology. 




Created by Lee Ann Radwan, intern for The Mint Museum Library