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Selections from the European Collection

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Selections from the European Collection

April 11th - TBD October 2009

Mint Museum of Art

Christ and the Samaritan Woman, circa 1620-1630

Sisto Badalocchio

oil on canvas

Gift of Mrs. Howard C. Dwelle 


This exhibit displays a selection of 16th-20th century works of art from The Mint Museum's European art collection. Since the founding of the museum in 1936, The Mint Museum has  developed a notable collection of European paintings, starting with a gift from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. Since then, the Mint Museum Auxiliary and local collectors have generously contributed to the collection. Artists included in this sampling range from Italian artists such as Domenico Zampieri to Dutch artists including Paulus Moreelse and even Benjamin West, an American-born painter most active in England. 


Artists Included in the Collection: 


Francesco Del Rossi (Il Salviati) - (Italian, 1510-1563)

  • Portrait of a Man (Benedetto Varchi?), circa 1550
  • The Getty Museum's biography
  • Look here for some examples of his work
  • Search MARCO - try search terms/phrases: mannerism, 16th century Italian painting

Domenico Zampieri - (Italian, 1581-1641)

Sisto Badalocchio - (Italian, circa 1581-1647)

  • Christ and the Samaritan Woman, circa 1620-1630
  • The Mint Museum's information on the artist and an image of the painting
  • View more examples of Badalocchio's artwork on Web Gallery of Art
  • Search MARCO - try search terms/phrases: Sisto Badalocchio, 17th century Italian painting

Francesco Zuccarelli - (Italian, 1702-1788)

  • Rest on the Flight into Egypt, circa 1760-1775
  • The Getty Museum's biography
  • Take a look at some images of Zuccarelli's paintings
  • Search MARCO - try search terms/phrases: landscape painting, 18th century Italian painting 

Francesco Guardi - (Italian, 1712-1793)

  • Capriccio (A Fanciful Composition), circa 1770-1790
  • A detailed biography from the Web Gallery of Art  (click on a time period then hit the biography link!)
  • View examples of Guardi's work by time period
  • Search MARCO - try search terms/phrases: 18th century Italian painting, 18th century painting in Venice

Paulus Moreelse - (Ducth, 1571-1638)

  • Boy in a Doublet, circa. 1600-1610
  • Biography from the research database of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, which features Dutch paintings from the Golden Age
  • Check out the Web Gallery of Art site for more images of Moreelse's work
  • Search MARCO - try search terms/phrases: 17th century Dutch painting

Joost-Cornelius Droochsloot - (Dutch, 1586-1666)

  • Village Merrymaking, 1632
  • Reference sheet with basic information about the artist and pointers to other references from ULAN (Union List of Artist Names) through the Getty Museum research site 
  • Search MARCO  - try search terms/phrases: 17th century Dutch genre painting

Benjamin West - (American/English, 1738-1820)


Search for more resources in the Mint Museum Library on European art through MARCO - The Mint Art Research Catalog Online



Created by Rebecca Stockin, Volunteer for the Mint Museum Library


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