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Joseph Walsh

Enignum Motion by Joseph Walsh


A PROJECTTenTenTen commission

for The Mint Museum of Craft + Design Uptown


 American Craft: Sept 3, 2008


My work is an expression of my values; how I see things and imagine they should be, translated into an object while addressing issues.  Issues of structure, of form and of the senses, of space, light, technology and ecology; embracing what is around us and seeking its future potential.  The resolve and execution of the making process, and the understanding of material, each play an important role in the refinement of this expression.”  from portfolio for Crafts Council of Ireland


  • Joseph Walsh is an Irish artist who creates furniture and abstract installations.   He established his studio in County Cork, Ireland in 1999.  "Walsh sees his work as merging design and art, guided only by the sensitive use of materials, excellence in making and purity in structure and form." - from the artist's biography on his website.




















Funding for Enignum Motion is provided by the Board of Directors of the Mint Museum of Craft + Design, Barbara and Jim Jamison, and the Founder's Circle Cause 2009 contributors. 



Edited by Laura Brown, intern for The Mint Museum Library