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African Culture

African Culture




Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela 

Precolonial Black Africa by Cheikh Anti Diop and Translated by Harold Salemson

Defeating Dictators: Fighting Tyranny in Africa and Around the World by George B.N. Ayittey 

Africa's Greatest Entrepreneurs by Monky Makura 

A General Theory of Oblivion by José Eduardo Agualusa 



Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Homegoing by Yah Gyasi 

So Long A Letter by Mariama Bâ and Translated by Modupé-Thomas 

The Cairo Trilogy: Palace walk, Palace of Desire, Sugar Street by Naguib Mahfouz 



African Culture and Values by Gabriel E. Idang 

Muntu African Culture and the Western World by Janheinz Jahn 




Links to full-length film/video when possible. Trailers otherwise. Streaming options noted.


Faces of Africa - Passing on go a cultural heritage, My Zanzibar by CGTN Africa 

West African Ankara Prints - The journey and history of Ankara prints by PBS 

Exploring Ghana's Diverse Culture - An introduction into the Ghanan culture by News Central TV

Say It Loud, She Isn't African Enough?! - An explanation of how DNA testing isn't completely accurate by PBS 

The Danger of a Single Story - TedTalk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 

Islam in Africa - History of Africa with Zeinab Bafawi (Episode 9)

How I Escaped Child Marriage to become a Women's Right's Activist by Mercy Akuot with TEDxKakumaCamp 

The Land of No Men: Inside Kenya's Women-Only Village by Vice Life 


Dramatic Feature Films/Series

In Our Mothers’ Gardens -Available to rent or with subscription to  Netflix 

High on the Hog African, African American food, culture, survival, pain, thrivingAvailable to rent or with subscription to Netflix 

The Last King of Scotland - Based on the book The Last King of Scotland - Available to rent or with subscription to Amazon, YouTube

Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom - The life of South African revolutionary Nelson Mandela - Available to rent or with subscription to Amazon, Netflix, YouTube

Queen of Katwe- A story of a young girl finding strength through the game of chess - Available to rent or with subscription to Amazon, Disney+, YouTube, GooglePlay

Hotel Rwanda - The real life story of Paul Rusesabagina during the Rwandan Genocide- Available to rent or with subscription to Hulu, HBO Max, YouTube

Tsotsi - A young boy in a gang finds his humanity in caring for a baby - Available to rent or with subscription to Amazon, YouTube, GooglePlay

Black is King- A musical celebration of African and Black culture directed by Beyonce - Available to rent or with subscription to Disney+

Black Panther - A super hero finds his calling and saves his family - Available to rent or with subscription to Disney+, GooglePlay 

Sarafina! - A young girl struggles for equality in Apartheid South Africa - Available to rent or with subscription to Amazon, AppleTV



African Tribe Traditions and Rituals - Explores the ancient jungles of the Ivory Coast - Available to rent or with subscription to  YouTube 

Kongo and the Scramble for Africa - History of Africa with Zeinab Badwi (Episode 19) - Available to rent or with subscription to YouTube 

Mayotte, The Island In The Lagoon - The story of culture, history and traditions -  Available to rent or with subscription to YouTube 

Kenya: The Tribal Traditions Live On - History of Africa and a dive into the different cultures - Available to rent or with subscription to YouTube




Using the Afrocentric method in Researching Indigenous African Culture by Queeneth Mkabela from nsuworks.nova.edu

My Uncle died of Covid-19 before he could get a vaccine in Kenya, and I got mine in a US drugstore. This is what vaccine inequality looks like by Larry Madowo cnn.com

African book clubs are bringing together readers from across the world by Sana Noor Haq from cnn.com

Political Map of Africa - Nations Online Project by nationsonline.org 

African Food: African Cuisine - Shows the different regions of Africa and the foods and spices that are used from spicesinc.com

TransAtlantic Food Migration: The African Culinary Influence on the Cuisine of the Americas from blackpast.org

The gastronomic cultures' impact on the African cuisine by Serdar Oktay and Saide Sadikoglu from sciencefirect.com

Women, Culture and Africa's Land Reform Agenda by Adeoye O. Akinola from frontiersin.org 






Created by Isis Parker, Mint Museum Intern, Summer 2021