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Coined in the South

October 11, 2019 - February 16, 2020

Mint Museum Uptown at Levine Center for the Arts


Eleanor Annand. Entropic (detail), 2019, die-cut and laser cut cardboard forms, paint.

Courtesy of the artist.

Instagram: @eleanorannand

Ken West. Father of Man, 2018, metallic paper. Courtesy of the artist.

Instagram: @the_beauty_of_everyday_thangs

Tema Stauffer. Yellow House, Wire Road, Germantown, NY, 2016, archival pigment print. Courtesy of Tracey Morgan Gallery.

Instagram: @temastauffer


For the first time, The Mint Museum will partner with the Young Affiliates of the Mint (YAMs) to produce their fourth annual juried exhibition, Coined in the South, which continues a museum tradition of hosting juried exhibitions that dates back to the 1950s. The title, “Coined in the South”, refers to The Mint Museum’s origin as the first branch of the United States Mint, but also to the act of inventing and/or devising – critical to the production of innovative new works of art. The purpose of the show is to bridge the gap between the museum, the gallery, and the studio and to showcase fresh, thought-provoking works that have not yet been seen by a broader audience. Unconfined to any aesthetic, theme, or medium, the show is envisioned as a platform for emerging artists currently working in and/or from the Southeast.


The call for entries, which went out in March 2019, resulted in nearly 400 artist entries. Three jurors (Jonell Logan, Adam Justice, and Marilyn Zapf) reviewed the submissions in June and selected the work of approximately 45 artists for inclusion. The artists hail from five different states across the region and work in a wide range of styles and media. Twenty-three of the artists are from North Carolina; seven are from the Charlotte region. The youngest are in their early 20s; the oldest in their early 80s. For the first time the exhibition will feature prizes – a top prize ($10,000) selected by the jurors and a second prize ($5,000) selected by the members of the Young Affiliates of the Mint. The museum plans to have local artists give quick, pop up tours throughout the run of the show and will also host a panel discussion during the run of the show featuring the jurors and the prize winners.




The Artists


Deighton Abrams


Eleanor Annand


Austin Ballard


Johannes Barfield


Ivana Milojevic Beck


Susan Brenner


Amanda Britton


Danielle Burke


Thomas Campbell


Erin Canady


Micah Cash


Erin Castellan


Kevin Cole


Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo


Yvette Cummings


Travis Donovan


Robert Fritsche


Riley Hammond


Caroline Hatfield


Donna Cooper Hurt

- Profile 


Joyce Watkins King


Kenn Kotara


Nathaniel Lancaster


Johannes Barfield. The Green House on Cornell Blvd., 2019, photograph printed on woven fabric, yellow canvas,

hand-harvested red clay soil (Utisol) from Winston-Salem, NC, liquid polymer asphalt, joint compound.

Courtesy of the artist.



Jasper Lee 


Elizabeth Lide


Jackson Martin


Rachel Meginnes

-NCAC Profile


Chieko Murasugi


Claire Pope


Chloé Rager


Adrian Rhodes


Kristi Ryba


Tom Schmidt


MJ Sharp


Beverly Smith


Katie St. Clair


Tema Stauffer


Denise Stewart-Sanabria


Stephanie Sutton


Harrison Walker


Jan-Ru Wan

- Interview


Shane Ward


Ken West


Fletcher Williams III

- Interview 


Stephanie J. Woods






Created by  Heather Finke, volunteer for the Mint Museum Library