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A Different Kind of Modern: American Scene Painting 1933-1955

November 11, 2017 - March 2020

Kline Gallery

Mint Museum Uptown at Levine Center for the Arts


Barse Miller (American, 1904–1973). Factory Town, 1946, oil on canvas. On loan from a private collection. L2017.4.12

Constance Richardson (American, 1905–2002). Long Summer Day, undated, oil on board. On loan from a private collection. L2017.4.14



Between the Great Depression and World War II, American art was transformed by the influx of European artists fleeing war and oppression. One effect was the contribution of surrealist and abstract artists to the burgeoning, and ultimately paramount,  international modern art scene of America in the 1950s. Another effect was in reaction to the surreal and abstract by American artists who focused on American subjects and the American experience. It is these artists that are celebrated in this exhibition. These artists all explored the American condition and depicted various aspects of regional character. 



Gertrude Abercrombie 

Colleen Browning

Grace Clements

Phil Dike

Philip Evergood

William Gropper

James Guy

Joe Jones

Harold Lehman

Phil Meltsner

Barse Miller

Constance Richardson

Jay Robinson

Raphael Soyer

John Wilde





Created by Joyce Weaver