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European Art 1500-1900: Selections from the Collection

July 21 2017 - ongoing

Mint Museum Randolph

      Image result for saint anthony of padua assereto

Gioacchino Assereto (Italian, 1600-1645) Saint Anthony of

Padua with the Christ Child, 1604-1645, oil on canvas.

Museum Purchase 1966.29.


Henri Martin (French, 1860–1943). Sunny Day in Venice, circa 1900–1930, oil on canvas.

The Harry and Mary Dalton Collection. 2000.36.16


Jan Albertsz Rootius (Dutch, 1615–1674). Lady with a Mandola, circa 1630–1640, oil on wood panel.

Gift of Mrs. Arthur G. McKee. 1966.54


The Mint Museum's European Art collection spans more than four centuries and covers a wide range of styles and subjects popular in Western Europe. Some of the earliest paintings date from the Italian Renaissance. In the time period between roughly 1450 and 1600, Renaissance artists developed new ways of rendering perspective, composing their paintings, and depicting human form.  Technical advances allowed them to explore a wide range of lighting effects and to render details with greater precision.  By the end of the seventeenth century, artists had begun to place a greater emphasis on drama, emotion, and grandeur in their work, leading to the development of the Baroque style. The Protestant Reformation led to a decline in the production of religious imagery, while portraiture, genre painting, and still lives grew in popularity. By the mid-nineteenth century, Paris had become the center of the European art world, and some French artists continued to pursue realism, but focused on scenes from everyday life rather than history or religion. With the use of newly-available oil paints in tubes, they recorded their impressions of their surroundings in an immediate way with an emphasis on light and atmosphere rather than detail and realism. These controversial paintings laid the groundwork for further stylistic innovations in the twentieth century.  


Selected Online Resources on Featured Artists


  • Gioacchino Assereto (Italian, 1600-1649)

About the artist

  • Sisto Badalocchio (Italian, circa 1581-1647)

Biography from the British Museum

Examples of work

  • Robert Polhill Bevan (English, 1865-1925)

- About the artist from the Tate

Examples of work

  • Eugene-Louis Boudin (French, 1824-1898)

Biography and examples of work from the National Gallery.

  • Marc Chagall (French, 1887-1985)

Biography of the artist and his works from the Guggenheim Museum.

Article from Smithsonian Magazine.

View his work from the Museum of Modern Art.

  • Edwaert Colyer (Dutch, circa 1640-after 1707)

- A short biography and some examples of his works from the Tate.

  • Jean Baptiste Camille Corot (French, 1796-1875)

Biography from the National Gallery of Art

  • Joost-Cornelisz Droochsloot (Dutch, 1586-1666)

- View the collection of works from the Rijksmuseum

- Bioography of the artist

  • Ridolfi Ghirlandaio (Italian, 1483-1561)

- A biography of the artist from the Uffitzi Gallery.

- View some examples of the artist's work here

  • Francesco Granacci (Italian, 1469-1543)

Biography from Uffizi Gallery.

- View some of Granacci's work at the Metropolitan Museum.

  • Sir William MacTaggart (Scottish, 1903-1981)

- A short biography about the artist from the National Galleries of Scotland

- Other examples of works

  • Henri Martin (French, 1860-1943)

A short biography and examples of works

Article 1 and Article 2  from The Eclectic Light Company

  • Paulus Moreelse (Dutch, 1571-1658)

- A short biography of the artist.

Examples of works from the Rijksmuseum

  • Domenico Morone (Italian, 1442-1518)

Short biography on the artist

- Examples of the artist's work

  • Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Pena (French, 1807-1876)

- A biography from the National Gallery of Art

-  Some examples of the artist's work

  • Jan Albertsz Rootius (Dutch, 1615-1674)

- A biography about the artist

- Examples of work from the Rijksmuseum

  • Cosimo Rosselli (Italian, 1439-1507)

- A short biography on the artist from the National Gallery of Scotland

Works on display at the Metropolitan Museum

  • Cornelis de Vos (Flemish, 1584-1651)

- A short biography of the artist

- An article from the National Gallery of Victoria about the artist

  • Anthonie Victoryns (Flemish, 1620-1635)

Examples of the artist's work 


Selected Online Resources on Ceramics 

  • Lusterware 

- Article on the lusterware of Spain from The Met 

  • Iranian Ceramics  

- Islamic pottery, ceramics and glass from the Muslim Heritage Museum

  • Chinese Porcelain 

- Chinese porcelain 

- Examples of hard and soft-paste Chinese porcelain from the Museo del Prado



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