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Wares of the World: Asian Influence in Contemporary North Carolina Ceramics (redirected from Wares of the World: Asian Influences in Contemporary North Carolina Ceramics)

29 July 2017 - Ongoing

Mint Museum Randolph


Benjamin W. Owen lll (American, 1968-). 

MiSe Vase, 2016, stoneware.


Akira Satake (Japanese,(lives and works in the United States), 1958-). Large Plate, 2012, stoneware. 

Reiko Miyagi (Japanese (lives and works in the United States), 1966-).

Satoyama Platter, 2015, stoneware.



 Hiroshi Sueyoshi (Japanese, 1946-).

Vessel, 2010, stoneware.



Wares of the World: Asian Influence in Contemporary North Carolina Ceramics focuses on the wide-ranging influence of training, aesthetics, and traditions from places including China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand on North Carolina ceramics. North Carolina potters have long apprenticed with Asian masters and taken trips and residencies to work and learn about foreign techniques, bringing back concepts that shape everything from glaze recipes to kiln shapes. In turn, ceramic artists hailing from Asia have also settled in North Carolina and practiced their craft, offering new viewpoints to their communities. The trading of ideas between artists across the globe has undoubtedly shaped the pottery that is created in North Carolina. 




The Owen & Owens Families

Benjamin Wade Owen (1904 - 1983, North Carolina) 

Ben Owen III

Pamela Owens

Vernon Owens


Eric Knoche


Hiroshi Sueyoshi


Susan Filley


Mark Hewitt


Daniel Johnston


Josh Copus 


Anjin Abe


Ken Mihara


Morihiro Wada


Bernard Leach


Michael Cardew

Akira Satake




Julie Wiggins


Terry Gess


Reiko Miyagi



Ceramics Knowledge & History


Articles & Other Resources  


Upcoming Event: Potters Market Invitational 2017 







Created by Morganne Radziewicz, Intern for the Mint Museum Library - Summer 2017