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Docent Scheduling and Shadowing Information

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Docent Scheduling and Shadowing Information


Availability Form

Docents are asked to complete an Availability Form each year. This form is usually sent with the Docent Dues Form in April and is processed by the start of the fiscal year. The Availability Form asks you to indicate what days and times you are available during the week. We also ask docent preference on tour type (i.e. STEAM, Children’s tours). The Availability Form should be returned to the Tour Coordinator.

Monthly Tour Calendar

The Tour Calendar is a list of the monthly scheduled tours in chronological order. There are 2 calendars, one for each location (Uptown aka MMU and Randolph aka MMR).


I complete and email the Individual Docent Assignments and the Monthly Tour Calendar between the third and last week of the month. The Monthly Tour Calendar and Individual Assignments are also posted on the MintWiki.


I would like to schedule docents for 1 tour per week or 4 tours per month. However docents are able to sign up for more opportunities when they arise. I email a list of additional opportunities and other information on Fridays. Guest Services and Security also receive the monthly tour calendars.


The Individual Docent Assignments are in alphabetical order. They list:


  • First Name/Last Name

  • Date/Time


  • Tour Group

  • Tour Type



The Tour Calendar lists:


  • Date of Tour


  • Group Size

  • Start Time

  • Tour Type (i.e. Experience Craft or Museum Highlights)

  • Group Name/Group Contact’s Last Name

  • Docents assigned for the tour


The tour calendar also includes additional notes that contain pertinent information for guest services and the docents. Please do not call or email the group tour contact; staff will communicate directly with them to coordinate the tour.


Monthly Openings (Availability)

Your monthly availability is due to me via email by the 15th of every month. For example, you must contact me by May 15th with your June dates. Please type Monthly Openings in the subject line. I require only the dates that you ARE AVAILBLE. If I do not receive your Monthly Openings I will assume that you are available every day that you have indicated on your Tour Availability Form at the beginning of the year.

Finding Substitutes

Each docent is responsible for finding his/her own substitute. The easiest way to do this is to trade tours with another docent. You may look at the tour calendar to find other docents who are scheduled to conduct tours that month. Refer to the docent roster on the MintWiki for telephone numbers and/or email addresses. All docents are responsible for finding their own substitutes unless there are extenuating circumstances, like health or family related issues. In that case please contact me as soon as possible. Throughout the month update me on any tour switches you’ve made with other docents. If you cannot find a replacement, call me as soon as possible.



New docents are required to shadow veteran docents before they start conducting tours on their own. It is not required but, veteran docents are also welcome and encouraged to shadow tours. Docents interested in ArtBreak and Art of Reading are required to shadow before they begin conducting those specific tours.

  • To shadow a tour, please email me at least 3 days ahead of the tour that you wish to observe.  I will then be able to contact you in the event of cancellations and also to redirect you if too many docents select the same tour.

  • Plan to arrive 20-30 minutes before the tour you plan to shadow begins to observe tour preparations and logistics.

  • Please contact me as soon as possible if you are not able to shadow the tour you signed up to observe. I may have other new docents interested in shadowing that particular tour.

Veteran docent should expect new docents to shadow their tours throughout the school year.




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